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         We have established reliable relations with suppliers who incorporate the Responsibility of company corporate, Social Responsibility, Environmental requirements; strong in the procedures of manufacturing, making sure of the deadlines.

For our aim

  • Reduce the risk of manufacturing and receiving defective merchandise thereby cut down the customers complaints due to inferior products.
  • Provide an efficient and appropriate technical support to your suppliers.
  • Ensure scheduled shipments.
  • Stem misunderstandings arising from cultural and language differences.
  • Save time and cost for traveling from your office to your suppliers.

Our Experience Shows! 

   Rubber injection, aluminium extrusion, die casting, steel forming, stamping whatever you need our engineering team will provide technical advise and support to improve product quality according your requests, evaluate the production status, ensure handling of the goods and proper stack in the container.

End to end we offer solutions from concept design to prototype and from prototype to mass production.

  • 3D CAD Construction services
  • 2D Drafting services
  • CAM Programming services
  • Concept design and engineering
  • Modeling and numerical simulation
  • Flow & Thermal analysis of Die / Mold
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Analysis; experimental simulation of usage to check functionality, reliability and product life
  • Support of pre-production
  • Pre-production tests
  • Support of regular product development and the product's integration

   Our Thai national engineering team when supporting supplier there is no communication problem from top management even down to the labor work force.

   This team is highly skilled and motivated individuals in order to achieve our goal of providing clients with the fastest and superior services. We understand that a rapid response rate is essential in today’s modern business environment. Our dedication and determination to provide the fastest service in the industry, without compromising our integrity, is relentless.

             We assure to deliver your documentation requirements on time, in budget and with absolute precision.


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